We Got You Covered... Dumbbells Racks Bars Benches Plates Mats Kettlebells Barbells ...Thats what we do!

All weights made to order and we deliver. No middle men, manufactured by us for you. 7 to 14 days max waiting period with updates on production (videos and images). We don’t mess you around, we do what we say! We don’t take your money, we produce and we communicate. Deal with the best, the known, growing brand…The only real one #BUILTFROMNOTHING

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Goodbye Epic Black it was great, that is where it all started, with time comes evolution and with evolution comes…

PREMIUM BLACK is here…Also available in Silver, Blue & Pink

Dumbbell prices are as follows per set : 2kg R375 | 5kg R525 | 6kg R575 | 8kg R705 | 10kg R750 | 12kg R995 | 15 kg R1145 | 20 kg R1575 | 25 kg R1855BLACKb


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Dumbbell prices are as follows per set : 2kg R682 | 4kg R842 | 6kg R985 | 8kg R1122 | 10kg R1260 | 12kg R1403 | 14kg R1546 | 15 kg R1612 | 16kg R1678 | 18kg R1821 | 20 kg R1956 | 22kg R2096 | 24kg R2234 | 25 kg R2305

Combo Set 1 Includes: 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15 kg | R4318

Combo Set 2 Includes: 18kg, 20kg, 24kg, 25 kg | R7893

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#BUILTFROMNOTHING Straight Bar (Black & Yellow Edition) R1950
Standard Straight Bar: R2420
Straight Bar Plates: R46 per kg

#BUILTFROMNOTHING Premium Olympic Bar: R2500
Olympic Power Bar: R3850
Olympic Bar Plates: R94 per kg


Alpha Bar: R308
Alpha Bar Plates: R33 per kg

EZ Bar R950

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Tshegofatso Mataboge

Only deal with a brand that delivers and does things right! We backed like you cant believe so you know we the real deal. Its what we do, we got you covered!

Tshegofatso Mataboge

#BuiltFromNothing Owner

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