Vic Alley

Genius Training Systems

Coach Name: Vic Alley
Team Name: Genius Training Systems
Specialities: Contest Prep Coaching

More About Coach Vic Alley:

I started my journey in the health and fitness industry in 1982. 
I wanted to play first team rugby but needed to be bigger and stronger, so I began powerlifting. My strength went through the charts for a guy my age and a broke a few squat records, and made the first team rugby; but I couldn’t put on any size as I had to remain in the u/56kg division.
At the and of my final year of school I went to the military for 2 years. In this time I moved from powerlifting into bodybuilding where I started competing. I picked up what I could from everyone that was in the gym and tried to learn as much I could, however I always just just made the top 6 at the bodybuilding shows. It was clear I wasn’t genetically gifted .

I wanted to be a bodybuilder -and a damn good one – regardless of what my genetics dictated. I would do whatever  it took to get there.  I began reading everything I could. Back then, we had no internet, so I relied on the information I got from the various bodybuilding magazines that I read. 

I eventually got my first coach -Chris Scott. Chris was like a father to me. He took my bodybuilding to the next level. I started becoming that person that was a threat at the shows. Although I was with Chris, it never stopped my thirst for knowledge.
One day Chris said that he thought I should try things my own way, but he would be there for me should I need help. I did what Chris had taught means paired it with my own personal knowledge. I won my first National Championship.
From this moment on, I won almost all my competitions and internationally on 13 different occasions. 
But I still wasn’t happy. I wanted to know why the international competitors were so much better than the local talent, so I started working with what I considered to be the best overseas coaches.
Today I am recognised as one of South Africa’s top bodybuilding and fitness coaches. I’ve been on national  TV in various talk shows. I’ve been featured in leading bodybuilding and fitness magazines. I’ve coached more South African champions, World champions, Universe champions and made more pro’s than any coach I know in South Africa.
It is with these many years if experience and knowledge gained that I bring you Genius Training Systems.


Bragging Rights:
2017 – MMGP II – Best Coach
2018 – MMGP III – Overall Bikini Champion 2018 – Vanessa De Freitas
2019 – Pro Maker – Vanessa De Freitas – IFBB Professional League Bikini Pro
2019 – iCandy Classic KZN – Overall Bikini Champion – Monique Lopes
2019 – iCandy Classic Jozi – Overall Bikini Champion – Monique Lopes
2019 – iCandy Classic Pretoria – Overall Classic Physique Champion – Arnold Vosloo
2019 – iCandy Classic Pretoria – Overall Bodybuilding Champion – Arnold Vosloo
2019 – iCandy Classic Mother City – Overall Bikini Champion – Savannah Prenzler
2019 – iCandy Classic Mother City – Overall Bodybuilding Champion – Alastair Hyatt
2019 – MMGP IV – Overall Classic Physique Champion – Alain Nji
2019 – MMGP IV – Best Coach
2019 – Pro Maker – Savannah Prenzler – IFBB Professional League Bikini Pro
2019 – Pro Maker – Tiana Flex – IFBB Professional League Women’s Physique Pro
2019 – Pro Maker – Tiana Flex – IFBB Professional League Women’s Bodybuilding Pro
2019 – Pro Maker – Alain Nji – IFBB Professional League Classic Physique Pro

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