Tanya De Lange

Online Coaching by ShapeShift

Coach Name: Tanya De Lange
Team Name: Online Coaching by ShapeShift
Specialities: Contest Prep Coaching, Transformation Coaching

More About Tanya De Lange:

Tanya de Lange is excelling as a global online body transformation coach and created ShapeShift Online Body Transformations. ShapeShift takes a client on their personal fitness journey to discover their best potential via an eating and training plan designed for the unique end user’s goals and reaching it in a realistic time frame.

Tanya competed in several bikini / fitness bikini competitions and featured in Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Fitness magazine and did a couple of guest appearances on morning shows discussing fitness and wellbeing. 

She started her fitness journey 10 years ago, since then her presence in the fitness sphere has had a tremendous effect on the many lives she has helped change as an elite trainer and was voted top 10 personal trainers in South Africa.

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