Become a Recommended Coach

Are you looking for a coach or interested in joining a team? Here is your directory of Champagne Productions’ recommended coaches to help save you time. How do we know they are legit? 

These Coaches have attended Champagne Productions Workshops and met certain Criteria as set out below. We believe they have a sound understanding of the Rules and Criteria of the IFBB Professional League

You may apply to be listed on the Coaches Directory when you have had FIVE or more competitors enter Champagne Productions Contests within a calendar year (including Muscle Mulisha GrandPrix III) AND any one of the following:

  • Previously won a Champagne Productions BEST COACH/TEAM Award
  • Turned two or more athletes to Pro Status in the IFBB Professional League
  • Achieved 5 or more Overall Division Wins at any Regional Contest
  • Achieved 10 or more First Place Division Wins at any Regional Contest 

Submit your application to for consideration.

Muscle Mulisha Grand Prix Best Coach/Team Award

The Prestigious Title for Muscle Mulisha Grand Prix’s Best Coach/Team Award is up for Grabs…Literally you could have your Own Life Sized Hulk Trophy for the Mantle Piece.

Previous Winners
2016 – Body Guru Montana – Hennie Kotze
2017 – GTS – Vic Alley
2018 – Team G – George Herwill


1st Place: 4 Points
2nd Place: 3 Points
3rd Place: 2 Points

Overall: 10 Points
1st Place: 8 Points
2nd Place: 6 Points
3rd Place: 4 Points
4th Place: 3 Points
5th Place: 2 Points

Coaches with more than 5 Athletes entered can apply for a free Coach Pass to 

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