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Coach Name: George HerwillTeam Name: Team GSpecialities: Contest Prep, TransformationsContact Number: +27 71 164 4980Email: arnoldgeorge020@gmail.comWeb: https://georgeherwill.co.za/My name is George Herwill. I am a father, husband and friend – I am a personal trainer and online coach.I am a qualified Sport Scientist, specialising in data analysis and performance capturing, as well as a nutrition, specialising in bespoke meal design and customised supplement protocols.I am blessed to be able to do what I love and what I am passionate about for a living, and I love bringing that passion to everyone I work with. I am proud of the many accomplishments that I have achieved throughout my career and work hard to keep pushing the limits of what I can achieve. Some of the highlights of my career thus far include:Winning the overall Nabba WFF World Championship in Greece in 2013 – Extreme Body Building and Overall Champion.Winning the Overall IFBB Gauteng Provincials and 1st in the Men’s 85kg CategoryMy dream is to help others achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality. As a coach, I have founded a team of over 50 competitive athletes, helped transform countless lives and built a reputation as the transformation go-to trainer. Striving for excellence and success in all aspects of our lives, my motto of “Believe in yourself and nothing will be impossible” stays at the forefront of my life.Being a family man, I understand the importance of being healthy and present for our children. This is why I have started focussing more attention on creating a sustainable health plan for everyone to follow. From fathers to sons, mothers and daughters – family is the foundation of building a healthy lifestyle and I am thankful to be part of creating longevity in the lives of so many.It is incredibly important for me to lead by example for my clients, which is a driving point for my dedication to fitness and wellbeing. I believe that you need to dedicate 100% to your passion if you want your clients and yourself to succeed. People look to those who have been there before for motivation and inspiration, I want my experience as a transformation coach to inspire others. 

Bragging Rights:2018 - MMGP III - Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight Champion2018 - MMGP III - Best Coach2019 - MMGP IV - Overall Figure Champion - Yolanda Jonker

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+27 71 164 4980