Forward thinking millennials, Candice and Garron Whitehead are passionate about putting on World Class Events and Raising the Standard of Bodybuilding Shows in South Africa.

Champagne Productions is the Licensed Promoters of NPC Worldwide in South Africa. This Bodybuilding & Fitness Event Promotion Company is dedicated to bring opportunities to ALL Amateurs Athletes from ALL Federations to reach IFBB Professional League Status.1“Our primary objectives when organising our events are to ensure that our Athletes are well looked after in every single aspect. We want them to have the best experiences each time they step on to our stages” – Candice Whitehead

“Our Athletes are our Clients and they deserve only the Best!” – Garron Whitehead

Candice and Garron Whitehead are the Team Managers for NPC Worldwide South Africa. TheĀ NPC Worldwide International Championships are taking place at Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Athleticon 2022

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